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VBuzzer on a DTA310 Using SIP Port 80

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Ok, big thank you to rcilink for this one. For those of you out there who haven't been able to use your DTA310 with VBuzzer since they changed to Port 80 for SIP, your problems are effectively over. Thanks to a slight firmware modification, port 80 is now accessible and working on your DTA-310 for SIP. All you have to do is download the patched firmware, update your DTA-310, configure your settings and you're on your way.


The following are screenshots that I took whilst updating the firmware and changing the settings to work with VBuzzer. Pretty straight-forward provided that your DTA hasn't been 'bricked' by a service provider!

Step 1: Download the patched firmware


Step 2: Browse to the web page access for your DTA 310. If you don't know the IP address, open your router's web access page and click on DHCP. Located underneath your DTA-310 is a printed MAC address which is a series of letters and numbers. Look in the DHCP table of your router for this same number and there will be a corresponding IP address for your DTA here. The above picture is what your DTA-310 firmware screen should look like before 'unlocking' your ATA


Step 3: Click 'Download' on the left-hand menu and then 'browse'
to the firmware file that you downloaded in Step 1.


Step 4: Click 'OK' when prompted and then wait! The firmware updating process will take a couple of minutes. Just be patient. During the update, the LEDs on your DTA310 will flash and eventually settle down. You'll also get a message on screen saying that the update was successful. Just click 'OK' or 'restart' to proceed after it's finished.


Step 5: After the firmware update is complete, click on 'SIP' and you should have a screen similar to the one above. Just enter the information as you see it here. Your dial plan may vary however the one above is for a basic North American setup. Don't forget to click 'Save SIP Settings' before proceeding with the next step.


Step 6: This is the only other screen that I had to change. I 'deselected' codecs G723 and G729 and set G711U as the Primary and G711A as the secondary. Again, don't forget to click 'Save CODEC Configuration' before proceeding.


Step 7: Once you've finished making the changes (and have 'saved' the changes!), click the 'Reset' button on the left-hand side of your screen. This will restart the DTA310 and implement the changes that you've just made.


Ok, now be patient. Chances are that once you've restarted your DTA310, you'll register with vbuzzer shortly thereafter. I got a dial tone within a minute of restarting my device however when I tried dialling some phone numbers, the phone would just ring endlessly. I tried calling my home landline and even though the DTA was sending a ringing signal to the handset, my home phone (landline) was not ringing. At first, I didn't have my User Name entered anywhere other than in the 'User Name' slot in the SIP settings. I then entered my user name in both the 'Phone Number' and 'Caller ID' slots and it worked fine thereafter.

Stay tuned for some screenshot configurations for other service providers. In the coming weeks, I'll be adding screenshots for CallPacket (Name changing to TelePacket), Stanaphone and Free World Dialup (FWD). The plan is for the screenshots to include both the Linksys PAP2 and the DTA310.


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