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Stanaphone Offers Free New York Area
Inbound Telephone Number

Sound too good to be true? Admittedly, I too was a little skeptical at first. The concept of having my own Free conventional telephone number which people could reach me at using the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone network) seemed a little far-fetched. Surprisingly though, the service that Stanaphone offer is not only free, but also works very well. The main drawback of using PC to Phone technology in the past has been the inability of people to reach you using the PSTN. With an inbound number, people can call you using a conventional telephone and your computer or device will ring like a normal telephone. This enables you to receive calls for free via PC to Phone technology.


In order for your computer or device to 'ring', you'll need to be connected to the Internet. However, if you use 'dial-up' to access the Internet or don't like leaving your broadband connection 'enabled' 24/7, never fear. Stanaphone have thought about this and thrown in free voicemail to boot. Of course, they'd like you to use their paid PC to Phone services (which boast very competitive rates I might add) however you're under no obligation to do so.


There are other companies beside Stanaphone who offer inbound telephone numbers (e.g., Skype), however these companies all charge money for the service. Stanaphone's inbound number is completely free.


About the only disadvantage of Stanaphone's inbound telephone number offering (if you'd even call it a disadvantage) is that there are a limited selection of area codes available. In other words, unless the person calling you resides in metropolitan New York, they will incur long-distance telephone charges. However, if they call you using PC to Phone, these charges will be miniscule. The flipside to this however is that the United States is generally an inexpensive country to call (Either by PC to Phone or the PSTN). Therefore, if you happen to reside in a country that is traditionally very expensive for people to call (e.g., The Maldives or Fiji), having a New York area inbound telephone number could potentially save the people calling you a significant amount of money. Furthermore, Stanaphone offers Free VoIP services for 'in-network' calling. This way, people who also use Stanaphone can talk to you for as long as you like for free.

So why not try Stanaphone's inbound Number service for yourself? Yes, it's completely Free and you're under no obligation whatsoever!


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