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Windows NetMeeting

Figure 1 - About Windows NetMeetingWindows NetMeeting?

If you have Windows 98 or higher (e.g., Windows ME, Windows XP) installed on your computer, the chances are excellent that you already have a terrific application called 'Windows NetMeeting' which will enable you to have free voice (and video) conversations with other computers via the internet. By default, this relatively unknown program is tucked away in the 'program folder' of your main system drive (usually drive C:). This program will enable you to have voice conversations with other people who also have the NetMeeting program installed on their computers. To find out whether you already have Windows NetMeeting installed on your computer, click_here. Netmeeting was once the premiere Microsoft product for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications however it has since been largely ignored due to widespread adoption of the Microsoft (MSN) Messenger service.

Figure 2 - Determining your IP addressAdvantages

Netmeeting has the following main advantages over programs such as MSN Messenger:

•  There's no need to log in to a central server - i.e., you can connect directly to another computer on the internet without needing to 'sign-in' to anything

•  You can use a common 'whiteboard' to draw diagrams, etc in real time. All parties in the meeting will be able to see and contribute to the whiteboard drawing

•  NetMeeting supports 'remote desktop sharing' in which you can view the desktop of the person to whom you're talking (useful in assisting people with their computer from a remote location)

•  NetMeeting works very well on low bandwidth connections (such as dial-up) even with video enabled

Figure 3 - Making a callHow do I use Windows NetMeeting?

Using NetMeeting is quite simple. The first thing you'll need to do after connecting to the Internet and opening NetMeeting is determine your IP address (Your unique Internet address which will enable the person with whom you're trying to communicate to call your computer and/or vice versa). To do this, click on the 'Help' menu, and select 'About Windows NetMeeting' (Figure 1). At the bottom of the small dialog box which pops up, you'll see your IP address(es) (Figure 2). Your IP address will consist of four numbers each of which is separated by a full-stop (.). It is possible to have more than one IP address and if you do, this is usually due to your computer being connected to a network (e.g., if you have two or more computers sharing an Internet connection). The IP number is your unique Internet address and everybody who accesses the Internet will have their own IP address. Once you have determined your IP address or have obtained the IP address of the person whom you're attempting to call, simply type this number into the address bar of NetMeeting (Figure 3) and press the 'call' button (Figure 3).

It's as simple as that!

Do I have Windows NetMeeting on my computer?

I want the latest version of NetMeeting - Click here to download



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