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Connectways Windows
Callback service using web trigger or SMS available, Russia (Moscow) from 3c/min, Sri Lanka, 23.2c/min, Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) 10c/min, UK 3c/min, France 3c/min, New Zealand 4.1c/min

Click4NetPhone Windows
Free calling within Click4NetPhone VoIP network. Accept calls while using a landline/cellular number, India from 9.5 c/min, No monthly fees

Thaitel Windows
Call Thailand for as low as 1c/min. USA 2c/min, Canada 2c/min, China 2.9c/min, France 3c/min, Hong Kong 2.8c/min. Tell a friend and get 10 minutes free

LUNAPhone Windows
Inexpensive PC to Phone rates worldwide. Simple, logical interface. Hong Kong 3.1 c/min, Hungary 5.1 c/min, Russia 5c/min, USA 1c/min

Tone247 Windows
Phone to Phone and PC to Phone service available. No maintenance, sign-up or connection fees.

Eezee2call Windows
Join EEZEE2Call And make high Quality and Low Cost Long Distance Calls From Your Pc Or your Phone And Track Your Calling Expenses Easily

Redfon Windows
With Redfon, you can make international calls for 90% less than traditional calls because it runs over your Internet connection. Say goodbye to confusing bills and surprising charges

AITelephone Windows
Lowest of the low rates for worldwide calling - U.S. 1.9 c/min, Moscow 2.9 c/min, Australia 2.9 c/min. Open an account for as little as $10 USD. No setup, surcharges, taxes or connection fees

PhoneOpia Windows
You can open an account with as little as $5. Best of all if you signup now, we give you free calling for 100 minutes to 30+ Countries to try it out

Best2Call Windows
3.5 c/min to the US from anywhere in the world. Instant balance reporting, no contracts, no monthly minimum. Free software download. Easy to use, easy to install

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