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Cliconnect PAP2 SIP Settings

PAP2 Cliconnect Settings

Cliconnect is an SIP-based VoIP Service Provider that offer pay-as-you-go plans as well as unlimited calling plans for both residential and business customers. They carry a wide variety of SIP-based products for sale from their web site however they also support BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) customers.

The following are the SIP settings that I configured for use with my PAP2 VoIP adapter. If you experience 'one-way' audio after configuring your PAP2, I suggest that you follow the screen shots for use behind NAT (Network Address Translation).

If you live in North America, here's a basic dial plan for use with Cliconnect which will enable you to dial using the format to which you're currently accustomed.


Substitute 'aaa' in the above example with your area code. The last part of the plan blocks access to 1900 numbers - delete this part if you'd like to be able to call 1900 numbers. Note: The above dial plan does not allow access to 411, 611 or 911 numbers!

For help writing a custom dial plan for your PAP2, click here

NAT Based SIP VoIP Settings

Use the following screenshots only if you have trouble with the previous settings (specifically, 'one-way' audio).


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