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CallPacket (TelePacket) Linksys PAP2 Settings

Below is the screenshot of the PAP2 VoIP settings that I use with CallPacket (Now known as TelePacket). If you're having trouble getting the settings pictured below to work with your PAP2 VoIP adapter, try the following:

  1. Perform a factory reset of your PAP2 VoIP device (Note: If you're using an 'unlocked PAP2', be sure to disconnect it from the Internet prior to unlocking
  2. Login to your TelePacket VoIP 'dashboard', expand the 'phone & Feature Management' menu and click 'My IP Phone Config'. You should see a screen much like the following:

  3. Copy down your SIP Username and your SIP Password
  4. Login to the web interface on your PAP2 VoIP adapter, select 'Admin Login' then select the line that you'd like to use for CallPacket (1 or 2)
  5. Change only the following settings from their default values:
    • Proxy - Change to
    • User ID - Change to your CallPacket (TelePacket) User ID
    • Password - Change to your CallPacket (TelePacket) Password

You should be able to make these changes in the 'Basic View' of your PAP2 however here are my 'Advanced View' settings should you encounter problems.

Don't bother copying down the 'Dial Plan' that I have entered. Your dial plan will likely vary depending on where you live and how you want your PAP2 to interpret the numbers that you key into your telephone. Here's something that will help you write your own dial plan.

Still having problems? Try putting your PAP2 in your routers' DMZ (Demilitarized Zone). Navigate to the web access page of your router (try putting in the address bar of your browser) and go to the settings page where you can select DMZ (most routers will have this option). I use a D-Link DI-524 Router and the DMZ page is accessible by click on DMZ under the 'Advanced' tab.

Only use your routers' DMZ as a last resort. If you can get your PAP2 working whilst in the DMZ only, then your problem(s) likely lie with your router's settings. When in the DMZ, your PAP2 will be completely exposed to the Internet so it's a good idea to figure out why it's working in the DMZ, make changes to the router's configuration and then take it out of the DMZ and try it again. Note: Some countries and ISPs have recently begun blocking the standard SIP port (5060). If this is the case where you live, try using another VoIP service provider that doesn't use port 5060 (e.g., VBuzzer).


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